Monday 18 March 2019

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Nou servei de cita prèvia de l’Organisme de Gestió Tributària

Des de l’1 de març l’Organisme de Gestió Tributària ha posat en marxa un nou servei… Read more


Aquesta setmana es pot consultar el cens de les eleccions generals

Entre l’11 i el 18 de març es pot consultar el cens electoral de les eleccions… Read more


On 26 February, ordinary plenary session

On Tuesday, February 26th, at 20:30, there are ordinary plenary session. You can check the order ... Read more


The review of agricultural vehicles will start on 26 March

Between March 26 and April 1, there will be a review of agricultural vehicles in front of the municipal swimming pool, etc.. Read more


Meeting with the Minister of Home Affairs Miquel Buch

This Wednesday we have gathered in Barcelona with the Minister of Home Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Miquel Buch, which is committed to a greater police presence in our people .... Read more

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