Tuesday March 19, 2019

Fundraising calendar

Calendar of collection of fees, public prices and taxes, the subject of settlements and Fidalgo, registration or registration during the year 2016

Received with Bank: PAYMENT in INSTALMENTS
The Council split the payment of some taxes (IBI and garbage rate) in several installments if the Bills are some 15 days before the beginning of the period of payment.

The contribuients that have received direct debit can enjoy more advantages since the city split the payment of the IBI and garbage rate, dividing the amount into two equal parts.


The collection of these taxes and fees will take place for the ORGT of Diputació de Barcelona: you can make the Bank getting in touch with the ORGT:
– Tel. 902 075 089 of 8.15 to 17.45-h, Friday until 14.45 h.
– on the web orgt.diba.cat
– At the offices of the ORGT
– Financial institutions partners of ORGT
– The ATMs equipped with bar-code reader