Monday 18 March 2019

How to get there

The municipality of Granada, is well connected within the geographical of Catalonia, taking the main provincial capitals such as Barcelona and Tarragona, about 45 Km from the A7 motorway borders the town, like the road N-340, located in parallel.
To get to the Granada, is can be done via the train "Renfe", with a stop in the same city, or can be accessed by the roads C-244 "Villefranche-Saint-Sadurní" or C-15 "Manresa-Vilanova" to your step to Vilafranca. The Granada is located 3 Km from the capital of the comarca of the Alt Penedès.

Entrance to the town for the top. Former C-15 Vilafranca – Igualada or exit C-15 The Granada centre.

Entrance to the village to the bottom. Carretera de Sant Sadurní or exit C-15 the South.

Granada train station. Rodalies R4 line Sant Vicenç de Calders-Manresa

The municipality of Granada is located in the central part of the Alt Penedès region and covers an area of 6.57 km2. Bounded on the N by Santa Fe del Penedès. East compares with Avinyonet del Penedès and Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues. In with the huts with Vilafranca, Vilobí d'Onyar and Font-Rubí. To the East out of the town and the enclave of Cortei (1.09 Km2.), located between the municipalities of Subirats and Figueres. The territory is hilly and the highlight is the puig del Pedró de la Granada (311m.), the dividing of the Granada, Santa Fe del Penedès and Font-rubí.

The village of la Granada is a 272m. above sea level