Tuesday March 19, 2019


In the pastoral visit of Bishop of Barcelona Ponç de Gualba, in 1303, tells us that in the Granada had two churches: the parish and Castle. Now you can see the website of the Church of the Castle.
It was built in the 16th century, taking advantage of the ashlars of the demolished Castle and the facilities granted by Kings Philip IV and Philip v. today, and on the occasion of the celebration of the ancient, was completely renovated. Among the reliefs with plaster on the ceilings of all chapels, is dedicated to St. Kitts.

The Granada was the centre of the road network of the Penedès region during the centuries of the Reconquista in Catalonia. There were the Via Augusta of the romans, the Merchant, of the inside in Barcelona, and the via Francisca, from the South. All were looking for the market, honor that Granada had it had the desd 9th was the oldest market of the Penedès region and one of the first of the Principality, later is moved to the confomitat with the Bishop of Barcelona and Vilafranca for political reasons of the count in his time (1148).

Castle, inside the main entrance (in 1880)

There was a castle, mentioned from the 10th century destroyed the 1003 in the expedition of Abd al-Malk Yusuf and remade.

During the revolt the troops of Marshal La Mothe there are 1642 of the Povar defeated the Castilian. The castle was finally demolished by order of Philip V during the war of the Succession.
He currently can be seen in the old town (old town) the remains of the Castle, the medieval air, with the portals to the walled enclosure. You can see a stretch of wall is illuminated in the evening. It is worth mentioning the Group of houses of the Poeta Cabanyes Street and the House of the Castià (15th-s-XVI).

The Plaza Mayor with the streets above and in the middle (1925)

Old Northern portal of the wall (1990)

1980 the market, porches discovered in the street below.

Probably formed part of the Forum Plaza, where was held the oldest market of the Penedès.