Tuesday March 19, 2019

Equipment and services

Medical Office

The Medical Office of the municipality is located in the Casa de Cultura.
To go to the doctor YOU NEED to BOOK early.
The recipes is the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 to 10.

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 to 12.
Tuesday from 10 to 12.

Clinic phone: 93 897 51 23.

Location: Calle San Cristofol (Gardens of the Casa de Cultura)

To go to the medical or nursing you must call previously on 902,111,444.

The House of culture

The House of culture is a Municipal facility, where currently there is the House of the elderly on the ground floor. If you perform different activities during the course of the year. Championships of trick, dinners, gymnastics, handicrafts, etc.


On the top floor there is the Multipurpose room where if you programmed activities, classes and exhibitions.

Civic Center

The Civic Center of the city of Granada is located right at the entrance of the population leaving the C-15 (Vilanova – Villefranche – Igualada-Manresa).


It has an auditorium with a capacity for 300 people and a series of offices, where there are the local television, the service and the Department of communication of the City Council.

The Civic Amenity Site

The dumps are a service of the Commonwealth Penedès-Garraf that ́emmarquen in the integral Plan of selective ́escombraries in origin.
You can get the following waste: Runes, plant debris, Bulky, light containers, wood, textiles, batteries, fluorescent tubes, tires, Refrigerators, glass, Paper, cardboard, scrap metal, batteries, special products, electronic products, vegetable oils, mineral oils and bottles of champagne.

How to use?

The civic amenity site is free to users. ́hi not accept, however, waste volume and weight than those who usually are generated to the houses; no ́hi can bring, therefore, industrial waste or from ́obres and other similar activities.
The proper functioning of the civic amenity site is necessary for users to carry the waste previously selected by type and which are deposited directly within each container specifically for this purpose.
In the ́entrada of the enclosure, the ́operari in charge of the garbage dumps should be ́informar users on how to deposit the waste in each container. At the same time, it is necessary to provide the information regarding the waste that are responsible for the civic amenity site request.
Then you need to access on foot or by car to the platform over which are the containers for each type of waste.

Location: Ctra. Vilafranca in Vilanova, s/n. VILAFRANCA DEL PENEDÈS

Schedule.: from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Tlf.: 93.743.14.82
Pick-up service for disabled of bulky every fourth Saturday of the month

Municipal football stadium

The Municipal soccer field, he played the team of C. F The Granada that plays the third Catalan Divsió. The teams based on the different categories of the club also play during the weekend and trained during the week.

Multi-purpose Municipal

The sports court, if carried out various activities on the part of the students of the school Jacint Verdaguer and the Club of figure skating at the Granada.