Monday 18 March 2019

Greetings from the Mayor

Welcome to our website

Dear visitor,

From this Mayor I want to make a salute to all the people who from now on will make use of this renewed official site. We want it to be a tool at the service of the citizens to know everything that is decided, is done and happens in our municipality. Allow you to follow all the action from the Government and I hope, too, that little by little all together we use for certain procedures and thus avoid using so much paper.

The site is also the gateway to digital input in our village, from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Therefore, allow you to get an idea of the richness of our historic, cultural and social heritage and what it means to belong to a region where the landscape comprises the vineyards, as well as the mountains of Montserrat, which is the lands far and marked personality.

The Granada, as a people, have already done the Millennium, but the universal challenges we all have ahead is not over: the fight against inequality, so that there is justice and peace must always be our benchmark.

Thank you very much,

Diego Diez de los Ríos Sánchez
Mayor of the city of Granada