Friday 20 July 2018



Green light for what the have a new school in the year 2020

The Granada will have so claimed by the year 2020 and needed new school. This has confirmed the general director of public schools of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Lluís Baulenas, in the meeting you had this morning with the Government team to the city of Granada.

Subsequently, Baulenas and the representatives of Council granadenc have been moved to school Jacint Verdaguer, where they met with the management of the centre and members of the AMPA to communicate the intentions of the Department of education.

This will involve the development of a new project, which is expected to do before the end of the year. The new site should be completed within a period of approximately three years.

The new school will be located just behind where the current, on land donated by the City Council where currently there is located a provisional module for the upper.

The Mayor granadenc Diego Díez has shown very pleased since "the new school is a basic need for which we have struggled a lot and see that at last it unclogs is great news."