Friday 14 December 2018



The City Council freezes the tax regulations for the 2017

The City Council of Granada approved Thursday night the taxation for the year 2017, which involve a freeze of taxes and rates in force. The Government team of the agreement received the support of the ERC and the Councillor of the PSC, while CiU he vote against when considering who should have been down.

However, what is apujarà for the coming summer will be the prices of the tickets and season tickets in the municipal swimming pool, which will increase 10%. This increase is to meet the growing expenditure on the maintenance of the equipment.

On the other hand, the vehicles of more than 25 years to be fully subsidized, as they led the Socialist support in the voting.

During the ordinary municipal Council also unanimously were approved two motions, one to claim the transfer of the management of the service of RENFE in the Government; and the other to put at the disposal of The Marató de TV3 all equipment in case you need it.