Sunday 20 January 2019



The have a sidewalk up to Santa Fe and that will connect New Street with the town

The city of Granada has reached an agreement with the provincial Government of Barcelona why this subvencioni the creation of a sidewalk next to the BV-2156, that allow you to join the new street with the town, specifically to the carrer de la Teuleria.

In fact, the work will go beyond the street again and will cover up to the beginning of the municipality of Santa Fe del Penedès, where there is already the sidewalk of this population, with which the two populations will be linked by this space to pedestrians.

In total, it will be half a kilometer of a pavement that will take 1, 5 m in width, with the pedestrian protection a security lock, led lighting and, in addition, will be separated from the road by a gutter. The cost of the works is about 267,000 euro and will run during the first quarter of 2017.

The first Deputy Mayor of the city of Granada, Joan Amat; and the town councillor for finance, Jordi Capellades, closed the deal on Tuesday afternoon at the meeting that they maintain with Jordi Fàbrega, Deputy Road infrastructures and mobility of the Diputació de Barcelona.

The creation of this sidewalk is a need widely claimed by the residents of the street again to be able to go and return on foot, with security, in the village granadenc.