Monday 10 December 2018



The renewed part of the municipal lighting, which happens to be of low consumption

Last week they began the renovation work of lighting of a large part of the streets of Granada, which will mean that more than three quarters of the town has already LED lighting low power consumption.

The total cost of the works is of 145,028.23 euros, of which the Diputació de Barcelona in subsidizes 135,338.51 euros. It is expected that the installation have a duration of three months.

The Councillor for urban planning of the city of Granada, Mercedes Villar, explains that "the renewal will lead to a significant improvement in terms of the lighting of the streets", highlighting the fact that it is "low energy" and remembering that "it is the same type of lighting that was placed in the restoration of the old town".

The fact that there are streets that are pending urban development projects, does that still will not be able to install this type of lighting throughout the municipality.