Friday 14 December 2018



The 737 collection products for food bank

A total of 737 products are those that were collected in the Granada during the Christmas campaign organized by the local chapter of Caritas in benefit of the Food Bank.

Most of the products, 518 units are foods, mainly tuna cans, jars of cooked vegetables and pasta.

On the other hand, 190 correspond to personal hygiene products, primarily shampoo and Bath gels; While the remaining 29 are cleaning products and detergents.

During the campaign, 480 of these products were collected at different shops and collaborators in the parish; 111 in the school Jacint Verdaguer. and 146 in the first edition of the Tió Solidarity of the past December 24, in which Caritas was coorganitzadora in conjunction with the city of Granada and the space of the small giants.