Friday 14 December 2018



Beijing will host a festival on behalf of the refugee

The Civic Center of the Granada will host a festival of solidarity in which recaptaran funding for refugee people. The event will take place on Saturday February 18th, from 6 in the evening, and is expected to have a duration of approximately an hour and a half.

The entry is free and all attendees will be able to make donations that will go to the Proactive NGO Open Arms, whose main objective is to rescue the sea refugees who come to Europe fleeing wars, persecution or poverty.

The festival, organized by The Solidarity with the collaboration of the city of Granada, will feature performances by Jazz Band N ' Kaputxats Ma non troppo, Coral, Entretango, boys and girls of the school Jacint Verdaguer, Marc Colomé, Clara Higueras and Anna Juvés. In addition, the granadenca Elena Vives and Laura from Vilafranca Domingo will explain in situ experience this Christmas in a refugee camp of Athens.

From the Organization, Rafa Higueras, Solidarity spokesman The Granada, makes a call to "fill the Civic Center" and is confident that, in addition to raising funds for charity, "the event will serve to take even more aware of the situation so serious that there is close to our House."