Sunday 20 January 2019



Beijing will host the filming of a series on Pablo Picasso starring Antonio Banderas

The square of the Church of la Granada will change soon look to recreate the atmosphere of a town during the Spanish Civil War. All this is a consequence of the shooting of the series Genius, that for ten chapters will recreate the life of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, played by Antonio Banderas.

In addition to the square of the Church, chosen from among sixty previous proposals all over Catalonia, there will also be shooting inside of historical housing in the municipality of the Penedès.

The film will feature the presence of extras of the Granada, once on 7 October did a casting in the population to select those that could match the aesthetic requirements of the time. Are chosen because they made a costume test last week in Barcelona.

Because of the shooting, the circulation in the Middle Street in the Plaza of the Church will be restricted in the following days:

-From 23 to 25 October will only be accessed from plaça de la Font.

– From 26 October to 12 November there will be restricted circulation by neighbors (with security control that will increase access to the square).

– On November 13, the movement will be prohibited for shooting.