Wednesday 12 December 2018



The crisis of refugees centers the second intergenerational gathering

The House of the elderly on Tuesday evening was the second intergenerational gathering, which got to name ' the crisis of refugees '. During the course, members of The Solidarity with the refugees they read the manifesto that, yesterday, for the fourth consecutive Wednesdays, repeated in front of the Town Hall and that is literally the following:

"Fourth concentration before the City Council, etc. (and we are!!!). To manifest our rebuff to what is happening with the refugees.

Who here present believes that with these acts, things will change?

Who believes that with the concentration of 10 or 15 people in Beijing will change the situation of refugees, of desnonats, of the excluded?

It is clear that I believe, is why we are here. We do it because we believe it and because it makes us feel good.

Five years ago, the 15-M from 2011, the squares of many cities of our country is filled with people outraged because they thought that the time had come to say enough and give a punch to the table.

From then on, things began to change: new majorities, new styles, new parties, new political culture.

The situation of the refugees will begin to change the day that people we believe that we have the power to change things.

Last Saturday, May 14th, a thousand people demonstrating in Barcelona to express their support for the refugees and denounce the situation.

Were many? were few? Were those that were and are not enough. They did it because they thought that they had to do and so i felt good.

The next day, Sunday, 15, were tens of thousands people who came out to celebrate the League won by Barca.

Were many? Were few?. ... they were the ones that were and enough, they did it because they felt right. "