Sunday 21 January 2018

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On Wednesday, street road

This Wednesday July 5th is asfaltarà the street poet Josep Maria Font, the rise of the Plaça de la Font and a stretch of the road to the coast.


Evicted the building occupied the station Street

This morning has been unable to dislodge the House busy yesterday afternoon at the station. Since the City Council we have been supporting at all times the owner of the family property in all the necessary steps, in conjunction with the Mossos d'Esquadra.


The City Council of Granada requires the Vijazz to be held on the original dates

The city of Granada has sent a letter to the management of Banco Sabadell Vijazz Penedès asking that the event back to its original dates in the next edition, since they change produced this year has solapi with the Festival of Granada. The measure has unanimity between all


Opening hours of the football tournament-7 of municipalities penedesencs

  Here you have all the schedules of the Penedès Cup children's category TV that this weekend will be held at the Granada.

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