Saturday 24 March 2018

Latest news


Convened a meeting on public security

El proper dimarts 5 de desembre hi ha convocada una reunió a l’Ajuntament (20:30) per tractar temes de seguretat ciutadana.


Starting signal of the pruning of trees, in charge of Green New

Monday November 20, began pruning trees in the Granada, in Calle de la Teuleria. For the proper functioning of this work is very important to respect the parking signs. This year, this New task be green.


First edition of the contest of decorating balconies for Christmas

L’Ajuntament de la Granada posa en marxa la primera edició del Concurs de decoració de balcons per Nadal.


Start the construction of the sidewalk that will link the new street with the town

This week have begun the construction of the pedestrian pathway next to the BV-2156, that allow you to join the new street with the town, specifically to the carrer de la Teuleria.

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