Tuesday 11 December 2018

Latest news


Caritas The start the Christmas campaign for the benefit of the Food Bank

One more year, The Caritas organises the Christmas campaign of collection of products for the Food Bank.


End the ’ demolition of the huts of Vallès

This week have completed the demolition of the huts of Vallès. A few months ago we came to an agreement with the property to which this lends some of the land and the City Council will take charge of the costs of demolition and cleaning the part transferred.


A total of 28 people give blood to the Granada

A total of 28 people gave blood in the Medical Office of Granada, in the capture that took place this Monday from 17:00 to 21:30.


Begin the works of ’ development of the street above

Have already begun the work from the top of the Granada, a work that, once completed, will complete the reform of the old part of the town.

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