Saturday 24 March 2018

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DOS Caminos granadencs choose to be roads

The road between Granada and the Cabins and the old track between Granada and the United States are two of the 22 paths who opt to become highways over the next few years. The Barcelona Provincial Council has submitted an analysis to the County Council of Alt Penedés which it follows that there are 22 camin


The Council congratulates the older neighbor of the municipality, of 101 years

The first Deputy Mayor, John the beloved, and the Councillor of Social Welfare, Roser Marrugat, have visited this afternoon at his home in Antonia Herranz Sánchez, to congratulate them for having completed 101 years. Amat Marrugat have delivered an orchid to Herranz, the neighbouring municipality


Continue to the Solidarity of The

The Solidarity Group The continues with his actions of protest to the status of refugees and, in this may 11, for the third consecutive Wednesday, will perform a concentration with read out in front of the Town Hall at 19:30. Later, there will be camping in the entor


This Wednesday, the municipal full Assembly extraordinary

This Wednesday May 11th, starting at 20:30, there is extraordinary in the Town Hall of the municipal Council of Granada. The order of the day is the following: 1. Adjudication of the competition promoted by the alienation of the property of 44,552.66 square meters of land owned by municip