Friday 22 June 2018

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Academic support for students of the 6th grade of primary school on 4th of ’ SECONDARY SCHOOL

The Young of Granada will make a course more academic support for students who enrolled between 6 primary and secondary 4.


Eight places available for the conversation group in English

From 4 October to 19 December there will be a group of conversation in English, which will meet every Monday from 7 pm at 20:30.


Coaches to attend the national day of ’ September 11 in Barcelona

The delegation of the ANC in Vilafranca fletarà coaches to attend the national day of 11 September in Barcelona.


The figure skating at The restart the activity ’ October ’

The figure skating at The Granada as has the timetable of the course 2016-17. The activity is open to boys and girls, from four years, who want to enjoy skating and dance.

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