Tuesday 25 September 2018

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The City Council freezes the tax regulations for the 2017

The City Council of Granada approved Thursday night the taxation for the year 2017, which involve a freeze of taxes and rates in force. The Government team of the agreement received the support of the ERC and the Councillor of the PSC, while CiU he vote against when considering


The House of the elderly make blankets charitable purposes

The House of the People of Granada was moved on Tuesday at Manchester to take part in the 3rd Conference of the revitalization we share all knowing-us '.


Marc rock was proclaimed champion of the UEFA Super Cup with the Spanish ’

The granadenc Rock Framework has been proclaimed on Tuesday Supercup champion with the Spanish, the first official title of his recent career premiered in senior category.


The Young a Office online

The Young Dynamo The Granada has released an online Office that allows you to make queries without the need to scroll at the Civic Center.

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