Monday 23 July 2018

Latest news


Fantasy Quintet commemorate the best soundtracks at the Civic Center

On Sunday 27 November (7 pm with free entry) on the Civic Center will host the performance of Fantasy Quintet, a group that combines the interesting sounds of an electric guitar with a classical string quartet.


Procedure to change the ownership of the niches of the municipal cemetery

Those interested in change of owner some niche of the cemetery, you have to submit the title of the niche and the petition signed by the interested party, the model which you will find in the city.


Two workshop sessions on emotional intelligence

The school will host the Jacint Verdaguer 14 and 21 November at 5 pm the workshop ' prepare, with our sons and daughters, tomorrow. Proposal for ' emotional intelligence '.


The new premiere cemetery and Columbarium 16 for the deposit of ashes

During the day of All Saints of the past November 1, all granadencs who attended the cemetery were able to see first-hand the improvements that have been made in this municipal facility.

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