Sunday 20 January 2019

Latest news


The landscaped outdoor ’ of the form on the ’ school

The municipal Brigade and the students of the school have landscaped the outside of Jacint Verdaguer form of upper. In addition, it has placed an automatic irrigation.


Treatment with herbicide in the squares

These days are carrying out treatments with herbicide in the squares, take care of children and animals.


On March 30 and April 3, review of agricultural vehicles

On March 30 and April 3 will be the revision of agricultural vehicles in front of the swimming pool. All the details you will find HERE.


Xavier Ciércoles is going to be the preacher of the Festival

The granadenc and Ciércoles will be Llusià Xavier preacher of the Fiesta Mayor de la Granada that, as usual, will be held the second weekend of the month of July.

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