Friday 19 January 2018

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Sunday will be the cover of the program of the Festival

This Sunday at 7 pm, just before the start of the play a bantering spirit ' at the Civic Center, we will make public who is the winner of the competition ' Painted the Festival ' and, therefore, we will see the cover of this year's program


Open registration for swim lessons

You can perform the registration for swim lessons this summer in the pool of the Granada. There are four different options. To formalise them there is time until June 26 by contacting by email or telephone 647507677 on the other hand


The Supporters gathers 70 people for the final of the Copa del Rey

The Supporters of the met last night approximately seventy people at the Civic Center to see the King's Cup final between FC Barcelona and Sevilla. The company offered free drinks and sandwiches to its members and, then, to celebrate the victory red, no v


Start the sewing course in Catalan

On Friday May 20 began the sewing course to learn Catalan to the grandparents ' House. In total, there are five sessions that count with the collaboration of Maria Marsal

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