Thursday 21 June 2018

Latest news


A group of older than 18 years, new artistic skating club

On 3 October they began the workouts of the new course of the Club figure skating at The Granada, as well as dance classes.


The Volunteer program for the search Language partners

Many years ago at school Jacint Verdaguer, together with the Consortium for linguistic normalization and with the collaboration of the city of Granada, are Catalan classes in basic level for families speaking not of our town.


Reduction in the rate of collection of ’ garbage for senior citizens

Those retirees who do not come together more of the minimum professional wage, they may request a reduction in the rate of garbage, justifying the income of all the inhabitants of the dwelling and presenting the petition signed (instance that you will find in the city).


Fantasy Quintet commemorate the best soundtracks at the Civic Center

On Sunday 27 November (7 pm with free entry) on the Civic Center will host the performance of Fantasy Quintet, a group that combines the interesting sounds of an electric guitar with a classical string quartet.

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