Sunday 21 January 2018

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Four more workers for the municipal Brigade

From now on, thanks to the plan of Local Employment, the municipal Brigade has four more workers for the tasks of maintenance of streets and squares.


The guys are doing the 5 out of 8 in the

The head of a gang of Guys in Vilafranca, Aina Mallol, explained this Monday at a press conference the big challenges that the Group wants to bring in the diada castellera of the Granada, on Saturday 9 July. Mallol sees possibilities to release three castles: 8 lined Tower, 5 out of 8 and pilar de ...


New team in the Medical Office

The new medical team in charge of the head (Primary Care Centre) of our municipality is composed from the 1st day of June by Dr. Pilar Orellana, the nurse Toni Serra and Goretti administrative Gibert.    


Futureco Bioscience will install its headquarters on the site of the Telephone

Futureco Bioscience has signed the purchase of Telephone land in the municipality of La Granada, an area that is part of the Catalan industrial heritage, from which were broadcast by satellite and the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, and that 25 years after the will host its cen

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