Thursday 18 January 2018

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The opening speech of Michael rivers and Torello

In this article you have attached the opening speech of the Festival 2016, by Miquel rivers and Torello. The reading took place on Friday 8 July at the Civic Center.


The Devils versots

In the attached document you will find the versots who the Hell of Granada were read within the framework of the recently completed 2016 Festival.


The have a sidewalk up to Santa Fe and that will connect New Street with the town

The city of Granada has reached an agreement with the provincial Government of Barcelona why this subvencioni the creation of a sidewalk next to the BV-2156, that allow you to join the new street with the town


Photo contest for the Festival

It has already begun the week of the Festival!!! This year we celebrate a photography competition via Twitter and Instagram. In the attached image is there you have the foundations to participate.

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