Monday 22 January 2018

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Classifications of the night Race between Charity Runners "2016 vineyards

On Saturday comes the third edition of the race and night stroll among vineyards, which was attended by Runners Solidarity of about 300 participants, thanks to all those who have made it possible for this third edition was a success.


Jordi Feixas won the photo contest of the Festival

A photograph of George Feixas has been the winner of the photo contest of the Festival 2016, sponsored by the Michael Pons and date and Place to which they could participate via Instagram or Twitter with the #FMLaGranada16 tag.


The text books can be purchased at the school on July 27th and September 1

Due to the closure of the library point Granada, this year the acquisition of school year 2016-17 will be offered through the coordination of the AMPA Jacint Verdaguer school along with the management of the company Abacus cooperative.


The ’ application Pokemon Go includes the

The don't live beyond fever generated by Pokémon Go, a mobile application that, using augmented reality, the user becomes the protagonist.

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