Saturday 20 October 2018



Futureco Bioscience will install its headquarters on the site of the Telephone

Futureco Bioscience has signed the purchase of Telephone land in the municipality of La Granada, an area that is part of the Catalan industrial heritage, from which were broadcast by satellite and the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, and that 25 years after will be the headquarters of the company agrobiotecnològica. The operation, the Council will receive granadenc approximately 800,000 euros that will be used primarily in the creation of a day centre and the construction of a sports hall ", as explained the Mayor Diego Díez de los Ríos.

Futureco Bioscience is a company agrobiotecnològica is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing on a global level of effective products for the protection and nutrition of agricultural crops respectful with the environment. The company manufactures and markets products to protect and improve the health and productivity of agricultural crops with minimal environmental impact, preserving good health and balance of the substrates and the environment in which it is grown.

After a competition for the award and more than 18 months of negotiations, has formalised the purchase to the city of Granada from 44,500 square metres of land. The total of the sale of the land it is situated around 850,000 euros, but almost 50,000 of them will be destined directly to the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of the old track (where there are the aforementioned land) with the road C-243a.

With activity from 1993, Futureco Bioscience moved in 2011 at an industrial warehouse in Olèrdola, in the same region of Alt Penedès. Its significant growth as a result of commercial development in new countries (28 now) and the forecast to reach 50 for the 2018, as well as the firm commitment to research and development, have made it necessary to provide new spaces for research laboratories, for new and sophisticated production processes and administration.

The phone, which makes it more of a bar that was closed and in a State of degradation, is located in a protected environment, and its renovation and new use fits the mission and vision of the sustainable economic, social and environmental integration of Futureco Bioscience, which will take advantage of the current building, incorporating sustainability improvements. Will expand the space laboratories, and will dedicate a good part of the installations to training classrooms and conference rooms and conferences, with the aim to organise events of development and dissemination of knowledge agrobiotecnològic of reference at European level.

At the same time, industrial buildings will be built that will incorporate new and advanced manufacturing processes and expand the production capacity to supply the new markets. With this move, it perpetuarà the space as a reference technology centre, which at the end of the 20TH century represented the most advanced information and communication technologies, and in the 21st century is poised to be leader in advanced IVD Department. and respectful with the environment.

For the Mayor, granadenc Diego Díez, that the operation "will allow the rehabilitation of the whole area of the phone, now damaged, reconverting industrial space into a special, since the company that installed is one of the few in the region with the added value of respect for the environment".

For Rafael Juncosa, CEO of Futureco Bioscience, "the Phone space consolidated to Futureco Bioscience as a benchmark company in the world in the research and development of sustainable solutions for the challenges of the 21st century food. Not only we want to consolidate ourselves as a leader in advanced research and the industrialization of our research, but to be a space for the dissemination of knowledge in which masters and PhD students from all over the world can come to collaborate, learn and contribute knowledge. So far only space issues we receive master's degrees of the UB, UAB and the UPC. "

The sale of the old lands of Telefonica has been an operation that has received the unanimity of all political parties in the City Council of Granada. In fact, it started with the previous Government team sociovergent and culminated with the current understanding.

The day centre, on the plain

With respect to the projects of the Council on the basis of earned revenue, the day centre will be located in existing premises on the plain, while the Sports Hall is planned to be placed in the sports area, on the site that there is on the football field.

Diez de los Rios said that "we have already made arrangements for the purchase of the premises for the centre during the day. The intention is that it can provide service between 20 and 25 people; We are also negotiating with the Department of social welfare so that the squares can be arranged to facilitate the subsequent management ".

The Mayor granadenc says that the site "is a priority; in Granada we have more than 300 people over the age of 65 years, "at the same time that adds that" We also want to incorporate laundry and dining ".

On the new Pavilion, the Mayor explains that "we are working with a project on the football field, where we have the means to do so. It is a great place with a lot of parking and, in addition, the impact will be more reduced towards other projects that were on the table ". All in all, Díez de los Ríos stresses that "it will be difficult to finish in this legislature, we arrive at check-in 50 or 60% of the total cost."