Saturday 20 October 2018



The guys are doing the 5 out of 8 in the

The head of a gang of Guys in Vilafranca, Aina Mallol, explained this Monday at a press conference the big challenges that the Group wants to bring in the diada castellera of the Granada, on Saturday 9 July.

Mallol sees possibilities to release three castles: 8 lined Tower, 5 out of 8 and 6 pillar, a wide range that you need to make sure to intensify testing of the next few days.

For this reason, the technical team organizes a campaign of essays devoted specifically to these structures, which are summoned all the attachment of the guys. The first is this Friday, July 1, at 22 h; the second, next Wednesday, July 6, at 9 pm, and the last will be the day before, Friday July 8th, at 22 h, you will end up with dinner for attendees.

The head of pineapples, Gabi Molero, remember the importance of a comprehensive assistance to the essay to be able to test the castles in appropriate conditions.

The aim of the guys of Vilafranca is "to concentrate maximum efforts" to this day, a date castellera recovers after nine years. In this sense, the Councillor for culture of the city of Granada, John Amat, expressed the hope that the day of Festival "return to be a leader in the region" and recalled that the guys, the gang that sometimes has participated, "there are always guaranteed the finest castles".

After an intensive work of consolidation of the castles of 8, that it has been confirmed in the recent performances of the guys, the gang looks feasible to place the as one of the highlights of the summer schedule, with the aim of returning the interest on this day and you have continuity in the next few years. "Making great places near our House will help you get to know the guys in the region," he stated.

The day of Festival of the Granada will begin at 6 pm, with the participation, along with the guys, the Tower boys and the "Miñones de l ' Arboç.