Friday 14 December 2018



The granadencs give the green light to the new POUM

Two "Yes" talked on the two questions about the current POUM; and a "no" to the question about whether there should be more industrial land in the municipality. This has been the result of the first consultation of the history made by the City Council of Granada, which was carried out throughout the week concluding Sunday at two o'clock in the afternoon, at which time we proceeded to carry out the scrutiny.

In the first of the three questions, "are you OK in the lower density housing proposed by the POUM?", the "Yes" won in the "no" to 139 on 40.

In the second, "you think reasonable to preserve the historic as it is proposed in the POUM?", the "Yes" received 132 supports, while the "no", 47.

Finally, on the question-survey "do you think the could provide more industrial land than what brand the POUM?", the "no" won in the "Yes" to 95 to 81.

In addition, there were 15 votes null and six questions without answer (one in each of the first two questions and four in the third).

In total, in the popular consultation participated in 195 of the 1721 people who could do it, which means a 11.3% stake.

After you confirm the popular support, the Government team will bring the POUM in initial approval as soon as possible.