Wednesday 12 December 2018



The Civic Center will host the exhibition ' women in the rural world '

On Sunday 23 April, in the morning, in the events of April the multi-purpose Cultural Civic Center will host an exhibition of photographs, ideas and purposes of the protagonists of the international cooperation project "Strengthening commercial and socio-economic sustainability, organizational processadora of Chicha of Jora – Andean region-Cotacachi-Ecuador", which has been financed by different institutions, including , the City Council of Granada.
This project culminates the accompaniment to the rural communities of the Andean Ecuador that, a few years ago, were in resistance to the potential entry of large-scale mining in the area.

In the search for sustainable alternatives to the model of development that they wanted to impose, the indigenous women organized were moving forward in training and organizational policy, human rights, production of corn, agroecological and implementing a Norilsk Chicha of jora.

The exhibition is at the expense of James channels.