Wednesday 12 December 2018



The new premiere cemetery and Columbarium 16 for the deposit of ashes

During the day of All Saints of the past November 1, all granadencs who attended the cemetery were able to see first-hand the improvements that have been made in this municipal facility. Specifically, it has opened a new access from the parking of vehicles; It has paved the floor of the area and have been adapted for the ash deposit Columbarium 16.

Other improvements to the municipality

During the summer and the first weeks of autumn, there have been improvements in different parts of our people. In August, the municipal brigade he pave the storage space below the ramp of the Civic Center, equipment which also repaired the ducts of the air conditioning of the Auditorium.

On the other hand, as you can see in the picture, there have been improvements in the final stretch of the street progress; and it has also strengthened the visibility at night in the Plaza de la Ginesta with the installation of two lights that reinforce the existing lighting.