Wednesday 12 December 2018



The football field is already a space cardioprotegit

The football pitch of the Granada has been equipped with an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and is already a cardioprotegit space and ability to deal with a possible situation of cardiac arrest and be able to save a life.

Last Friday, representatives of The Football Club and members of the municipal Brigade carried out a training course and the use of the DEA and to be ready to react to a situation of cardiac arrest.

A DEA is a portable electronic device that diagnoses and treats the stop heart failure (which detects when a person is unconscious and not breathing normally) caused by ventricular fibrillation (the heart has an altered electrical activity that causes that there are mechanical effectiveness) or a ventricular tachycardia without a pulse (in which there are electrical activity and in this case the blood pumping is ineffective). This device generates an electric shock that applied before the ten-minute stop heart failure can revive the heart function. Synchronized with the electrocardiograph, by placing the electrodes on the ribcage, causes a discharge of direct current at a voltage of 200 to 400 volts for a few thousandths of a second.

On the other hand, also in the field of football, has installed a additional electric Thermo to the locker room old to ensure the supply of hot water.