Tuesday 11 December 2018

The Council congratulates the older neighbor of the municipality, of 101 years

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Continue to the Solidarity of The

The Solidarity Group The continues with his actions of protest to the status of refugees and, in this may 11, for the third consecutive Wednesday, will perform a concentration with read out in front of the Town Hall at 19:30. Later, there will be camping in the entor


This Wednesday, the municipal full Assembly extraordinary

This Wednesday May 11th, starting at 20:30, there is extraordinary in the Town Hall of the municipal Council of Granada. The order of the day is the following: 1. Adjudication of the competition promoted by the alienation of the property of 44,552.66 square meters of land owned by municip


Lluís Llach analyzes the process in front of about 300 attendees

Some 300 people attended this Sunday afternoon in the talk discussion of Lluís Llach at the Civic Center. The event, organized by the delegation of the ANC of Granada, allowed them to capture the view of the current state of independence process towards Llach, first with a b

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