Monday 18 March 2019

Start the sewing course in Catalan

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Start the sewing course in Catalan

On Friday May 20 began the sewing course to learn Catalan to the grandparents ' House. In total, there are five sessions that count with the collaboration of Maria Marsal


The crisis of refugees centers the second intergenerational gathering

The House of the elderly on Tuesday evening was the second intergenerational gathering, which got to name ' the crisis of refugees '. During the course, members of The Solidarity with the refugees they read the manifesto that, yesterday, for the fourth consecutive Wednesday, v


On Sunday, the final day of the League of Bowling for the elderly

The final day of the 5th Liga Bowling of the Association for Promotion of the elderly of the Central Penedès will take place on Saturday May 21 at the Civic Center bowling the, at 10 in the morning. The outcome of the tournament had to be Sudanese dissabt


The summer camp will begin on June 27th

Between June 27 and July 29, there will be a new edition of the summer camp of the Granada. Registration will be complete until June 7 at the school in the Town Hall of Jacint Verdaguer or Granada. Previously, on Tuesday May 24 (19:30) there will be a re


The Granada is one of the municipalities without public debt

According to data of the Ministry of finance and public administration, crossed with the municipal of Idescat 2015, the Granada is one of the municipalities of Catalonia with no public debt. There are more than a hundred municipalities in Catalonia which does not register any debt and n̵


The stick dance, in the 41 National of Catalonia

The stick dance of Granada will participate in the 41 national meeting of stick dance from Catalonia. This year the event will take place on Saturday June 11 in Castelldefels. This is the promotional video of the event:


Campaign to control Tiger mosquito

La Generalitat i les administracions locals com l’Ajuntament de la Granada estan coordinant accions d’informació i control del mosquit tigre. El mosquit tigre és originari del sud-est asiàtic i ha colonitzat molts països mitjançant el comerç de pneumàtics i plantes amb aigua. L


The 9th Meeting brings together 200 participants Biker

The 9th Meeting organised by Biker Bikers Ruck has had a total of 200 participants. As usual, the tour has started outside the House of the Granada, which has reopened this weekend, and has ended with a lunch at the Civic Center. On the other hand, the malau


DOS Caminos granadencs choose to be roads

The road between Granada and the Cabins and the old track between Granada and the United States are two of the 22 paths who opt to become highways over the next few years. The Barcelona Provincial Council has submitted an analysis to the County Council of Alt Penedés which it follows that there are 22 camin