Saturday 20 October 2018



Campaign to control Tiger mosquito

The Government and local administrations as the City Council of Granada are coordinating actions of information and control of the Tiger mosquito.

The Tiger mosquito is native to Southeast Asia and has colonised many countries through trade in tires and plants with water.

In the summer of 2004 was detected for the first time in Catalonia in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

What it is, what it does and where it lives
The Tiger mosquito leaves their larvae and eggs in any mass of stagnant water such as small vases, pots, dishes, buckets etc.

It is active during the day and on the outside of the houses, and hides in shady areas. Make lots of bites, but in our latitudes are not a danger to health.

  • Recommendations
    What to do if we find it and how to remove it
    To prevent its spread is very important the collaboration of all citizens:
    Empty any outdoor container that can accumulate water.
    To avoid the accumulation of water in drainage areas or drainage channels.
    Cover the small holes and depressions in the ground that accumulate water
    Watch out for small ponds, empty them weekly and cover them with a cloth netting.
    Keep covered the swimming pools, the plastic must be emptied periodically.
    You need to plug the holes of trunks and branches of trees with sand.
    Change very often the water of the aquatic plants and the dishes of the pets.


  • Health
    Prevention and cure of bites
    The Tiger mosquito bite is like mosquito bites of each other.
    Sink and makes many bites that do not constitute a rich for health.
    On the outside take long-sleeved clothes, long pants and socks.
    Limit the activities to the outdoors to the fullest.
    Make use of repellent, but not in very young children.
    Do not put on repellent to the hands of children.
    Do not apply repellent on your face and when you at home clean well with SOAP and water, skin and clothes.
    In the event of a bite, wash the area well and desinfecteu. The treatment is symptomatic. in case of persistent discomfort, consult your doctor.